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About Us

Passionate Media Professionals

For the past 5 years, we have helped companies both large and small maximize their brand presence with both still and video photography content  produced at TAP Studios here in Los Angeles.  With a studio and media team, our process empowers your brand and outfits your business with the media content needed to succeed. Talk to us today about how we can support your growth, limit your cost, and give you a Godzilla size foot print on Google. TAP is The Artists Project, an organization dedicated to providing emerging artists with the photography (headshot, social media images) at no cost to put their talents on a level playing field with others. After 5 years, we still haven't charged an artists a penny. Being a business that doesn't charge its customer requires us to be effective constantly as there is no history for what our team is doing until we do it. 

What is GOTAPLA?

GOTAPLA is a new revolutionary master promo code, inspired by the need for awareness of causes, non-profits and charities and created at TAP using proprietary tracking technology to allow brands to streamline their sales efforts with just one promo code for all initiatives. We activate programs using influencer marketing and event creation. No more multiple codes for multiple initiatives, no more headaches paying out many influencers, no more hassles tracking content. WE DO IT ALL FOR YOU!